WaldenStreet offers its customers a range of services, from hosted solutions such as Engine21 to strategic planning for web services to advanced design and development of web applications.

Engine21: Customizable News, Mapping, and Search for the Sustainable Enterprise

Engine21Engine21 is an innovative publishing platform comprised of news, search, and mapping modules, all designed to support sustainability solutions such as green building and clean energy.

Integrating powerful web services such as Google Custom Search and Google Maps, with standard RSS feeds as both inputs and outputs, Engine21 streamlines the tasks of finding, sharing, and publishing essential insight about sustainability. Learn more at the Engine21 website.

Strategic Planning for Web Services

Building a successful web service, like building a house, requires planning. Before any work can be done on design and programming, there first needs to be a common, documented understanding of the service's goals, intended user experience, features, visual design, and project roles/timeline.

WaldenStreet brings to this process substantial experience with all major web service API providers, including Google, Amazon Web Services, and Yahoo. Often the use of APIs and syndication can eliminate the need for some custom web development, enhance customer value, solve scalability problems, and open up opportunities for innovation. We've also developed APIs for publishers in the sustainability fields who wish to broaden the reach of their services.

In providing this service, we conduct interviews with stakeholders, facilitate meetings as necessary, and produce documentation that serves as the master plan for the service design and programming.

Advanced Design and Development of Web Applications

Leading organizations, from energy service providers such as Conservation Services Group to international institutions such as the United Nations Environment Programme, have called on WaldenStreet to design and develop elegant, innovative web applications.

We relish all the challenges of web application development: from finding the perfect photography to convey the soul of a service, to developing database approaches in application environments involving millions of rows of energy data.

WaldenStreet technical experience includes extensive work with database-driven applications, using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

The Heart of Sustainability

WaldenStreet has built its business around a commitment to sustainability. We're selective about our clients and partners. When we commit to a project, we put our heart into it. We'd be happy to speak with you about how our services can help you. Just contact us for more information.