Engine21 Local: A searchable directory of thousands of certified green buildings

Client: WaldenStreet Hosted Service
Services Provided: Site planning, visual design, application development
APIs Used: Amazon AWIS, Flickr, Google Custom Search, Google Maps

Engine21 is the first major hosted service developed and offered by WaldenStreet. It grew out of a desire to offer partners a robust publishing toolset that would simplify the creation of sustainability-oriented search engines focused on particular sectors or regions. The publishing platform currently includes news, search, and mapping modules.

Engine21 Local
Engine21 Local
The Engine21 Local directory of certified green buildings offers a streamlined way to explore the world of LEED and Energy Star buildings. Photos are available for hundreds of buildings in Engine21 Local, and many building profiles reference the green features used.

Collections of Engine21 resources, including green buildings in Engine21 Local, can be syndicated and plugged into other websites and services, enabling new action-oriented services to be discovered and developed. For instance, an architecture firm could use Engine21 Local to create a dynamic, living portfolio of its LEED buildings, for publication on Engine21, inclusion on its own website, or reuse by third parties.

There's much more to Engine21. Take the tour at http://www.engine21.com/tour.