StephenWelcome to WaldenStreet, and thanks for visiting. My name is Stephen Lapointe, and I'm devoted to helping sustainability-oriented organizations innovate online through the power of elegant, intuitive web services.

My interest in sustainability goes back to my middle-school days, when I tried to design and build a small wind turbine for a science fair. The experience left me with an abiding commitment to the vision of clean energy (and with a settled feeling that I was not cut out to be an engineer).

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I spent a few years working on urban publication education projects, and then moved on to a position at WGBH, the public broadcasting institution in Boston. There, I developed content management applications to support WGBH's television productions.

In 2000, I left WGBH and decided to focus entirely on building web applications to support environmental sustainability. As a Boston-based consultant, I've worked on US and international projects in the environmental and clean energy fields. My customers have included large institutions such as the United Nations Environment Programme and also smaller organizations with a local focus.

In recent years, I've shared my experiences as a speaker at national conferences on clean energy and green building, addressing such topics as data syndication in the energy sector and visual branding for sustainability.

This varied background is what drives my integrated approach to information design. Excellent web services depend on elegant visual design, robust functionality, lucid writing, and a process that can bring these critical elements together in a shared, mutually beneficial partnership.

Undergirding my experience is a firm belief that inspired, elegant web applications can change the world. The name WaldenStreet expresses the vision of environmental sustainability in our modern, developed world. And fundamentally, that's what WaldenStreet's work is about: applying the Thoreauvian ideals of simplicity and environmental stewardship in today's arena of information design and services, working with you to make the world a better place.

If you'd like to explore such possibilities, I invite you to call or write.